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CBPC Customize

CBPC Custom Desktops

Desktop Computers tailored to fit your every need. Personal, Business, Gaming, or Servers.
All Custom-BuiltPC computers are assembled in USA
using name brand components. We make a faster, more
expandable, long lasting computer system.

CBPC Custom Laptops and Netbooks

We personalize every notebook with software and
updates. We create factory recovery DVD sets and provide
local support and service. Custom-BuiltPCs stock:
Acer, Asus, Levovo, Toshiba, Sony Laptops and netbooks.
If you need something special we will custom assemble your
notebook to meet your Needs! Only @ CBPC

CBPC Custom Repair

Dependable and reliable computer service available for
any brand of computer. Data Recovery, Cisco Certified
networking, Digital Telephony, IT Specialists. We service
Windows 98-Windows 10, MAC OS X, and Linux based systems.
(740) 532-5471


Need help implementing your POS installation?

We have the solution to make your business more profitable and efficient.

CBPC Custom Machine

CBPC Custom Build

CBPC Custom Machine


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