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CBPC The Best! - Strives for excellence in every system we build, Let us build the system you won't find elsewhere. Attention to detail and service after the sale.

1.  1 Year Limited Warranty on all computer parts in our systems.

2.  Systems assembled in the USA by US workers.

3.  Local US Based technical support.

4.  Quality name brand components last long and are more expandable.

5.  Systems are tailored to our users both hardware and software. (Special Installations Welcome!)

6.  We love what we do, and has nearly a Decade of Service( 20 Years IT Professionally).

7.  We pride ourselves on bringing the best computing power per dollar.

8.  Online support such as drivers for our systems.

9.  Solutions for both home users, business, and special deals available for non-profit and educational purposes.

10. We value your Business!



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