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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 11:14

Custom Built PCs launches Freedom OS!

FREEDOM OS is a Hybrid of 2 widely popular distributions of the Linux
operating system. Although commercial success is late to come to the
Linux OS on the Desktop, many companies such as Google, Apple, etc. have
made use of Open Source Technologies for years. One of my goals at
Custom-BuiltPCs.com is to share the open source spirit with those who
support our USA PC Manufacturing efforts. Open source adds an unmatched
value to our products and good will from the community around open
source. This all would not be possible without efforts of many around
the world, The common goal of Freedom on the Desktop! In fact the
technology is moving so quickly that no one Company could contribute
as much as the whole over all community. Freedom OS is my best effort
to bring common users to all the benefits of Open Source done right.

Freedom OS is easier to use, Loads of software to choose from
both Free and Paid, No Viruses or Malware, freedom from adds and
unwanted popups, Transition easily from Windows or Mac OSX,
Save huge amounts of money on software over our competitions OS,
Freedom from Bing knowing your every search on the Internet.
We have over 25 years experience on Linux and we'll put our work
to good use for you!
See what all the buzz is about!

Matt Massie

Innovative, Flexible, and Safe

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 February 2016 18:42

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