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"When opening CBPC our goal was to create a specialized store with a focus on your PC, Phone, Tablet & Wireless needs. With everyones busy digital lifestyles we are here to support all your device needs."


Please observe the following:

  • If you have a repair to check in or pickup call 740.532.5471 x1
  • Masks Required in store
  • A Technician will come to your car or let you into the store
  • Must maintain at least 6 Feet distance from all parties while in store.
  • All Devices will be wiped down prior to service or return to the customer
  • We will be limiting the amount of people in the store at one time for the foreseeable future

  • Buy Any PC Get 1 Year Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware FREE!

    Local Remote Support Service on every PC

    Brutus Says: STAY SAFE

    Don't forger to where your muzzle, I mean mask!

    Cell Phones

    We have a large assortment of unlocked Apple iPhone and Samsung cell phones. Voted best cell phone repair in the Tri-State 2016-2020. Save money on your wireless phone bill here. Basic Wireless plans $9.99-$29.99

    Hard to find Made Easy
    No matter what your need CBPC has a large local selection of many PC and Phone accessories. Cables and interface adapters, Cell Phone Parts, Printers, Wireless Routers, Tools, Geek Gadgets, Gaming Computers, & Much More.

    Building custom systems is a specialty of ours that we have taken great pride in since 2002. No matter what your needs our award winning technicians are here to help. Exceeding our customers expectations is our goal.

    Repair Center
    The area's #1 repair center for 19 years. The area's best professional technicians recently voted the tri-state's Best Cell Phone and Computer Repair center 5 years in a row.

    Core Value:
    Offer quality products at competitive pricing with effective, efficient, and timely service.

    CBPC Custom Desktops

    The Finest American Made Computers Available

    Matt Massie Owner/CTO of CBPC. My guys beat out BestBuy and AT&T for the Best of The Best Awards 5 years in a row 2016-2020 thanks Tri-State!

    Cell Phone Sales and Service

    Tablet Sales and Service

    Our Store Voted Best of the Best 2017 Voted Best of the Best 2017 Staff - Voted Best of the Best 2017 Staff - Voted Best of the Best 2017

    MISSION: CBPC will identify new opportunities to expand its products and services by responding to customers' needs and desires. CBPC strives to be the industry leader in customer service, marketing and employee development.


    What we offer


    PCs & Laptops

    Sales and Service


    Apple Products

    Sales and Service


    Cell Phones

    Sales and Service


    Repair Center

    PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet Repair

    Data Recovery Experts

    PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet Data Recovery


    Plans on AT&T & Verizon Networks



    Cloud Anti-Virus


    Freedom OS

    Over 200 Users 4 Years - No Viruses or Malware!


    Web Design & Web Hosting

    Local Hosting,SEO,PCI Compliant Hosting


    Our Technicians

    Matt Massie Chief Technology Officer

    Matt Massie

    Matt is a Devry graduate with 30+ years experience. He enjoys building high end PCs and is a software developer at CBPC. Matt is a Cisco certified network specialist and is Linux Professional Institute certified. Matt is the lead developer of CBPC Cloud Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware and Freedom OS. Additional post graduate training in BSD Unix and FreeBSD at University California at Berkley. Extra Class FCC Licensed. Founder of in 2002.

    Don Smith Tech

    Don Smith

    Don has been working at CBPC for over 10 Years. He is our Apple specialist and Cell Phone & Tablet repair specialist. Don also works on all graphic design and production for CBPC. Don is a repair Guru with many difficult repairs under his belt. Don also works with Laser Engraving and CNC manufacuring at CBPC

    Chris Johnson Tech

    Chris Johnson

    Chris is a former US Army specialist with over 5 years at CBPC. He has worked in multiple fields including IT, Printing, Computer Repair. Chris also works with wireless customers and phones. He is Linux and Android fluent and a Freedom OS specialist. Chris is a very avid electronics troublshooter and exprimenter. Works with specialized data recovery weekly.

    Anthony Bazell Tech

    Anthony Bazell

    Anthony is a computer science and history major at Ohio University. He first started at CBPC as an intern while in school and worked his way on staff. Anthony is a gaming enthusiast. Enjoys building high end PCs. Plans to teach computer science in the future.

    Luke Massie Tech

    Luke Massie

    Luke grew up at Custom-BuiltPCs and has worked with computers from the age of 2. Luke went to school at Ohio University Southern in Electronic Media. Luke has been working at CBPC for 5 Years. Luke likes working with Photoshop, HTML, Web design Staff - Voted Best of the Best 2017

    CERTIFIED STAFF: We have been serving the local community and USA via for over 18 Years. Combined with over 83 years of experience in the Information Technology field ranging from Cisco, Linux, Apple, Microsoft, Networking, Programming, Web & Graphic Design & much more.

    What our customers say

    Freedom OS Professional, Freedom OS+, Freedom OS

    Freedom OS - Gives you the power of Windows PC without the Headache of a Windows PC.

    We have over 350 PCs running Freedom OS for over 4 years - No Viruses - No Malware.

    We support over 1500 Applications including Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Games & More...

    There is no cloud, just other peoples computers

    It's pretty obvious what the problem is here. It's Called Windows!

    Freedom to do what you want without the hastles.

    Freedom OS Looks better, Feels better, & Runs better.

    PC, Laptop, Tablet, & Phone Pricing

    Purchase a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone

    Full Desktop site click here
    CBPC Slimline Desktop $374.99

      Retail: $449.99 You Save: $75.00
      Pro Appearance - Pro Performace
    CBPC 3.5GHz Windows 10 (AMD/8GB/500SSD) $429.99

      Retail: $499.99 You Save: $70.00
      Large Performance - Small footprint
    CBPC 3.2GHz FREEDOM OS+ (INTEL/4GB/250SSD) $379.99

      Retail: $424.99 You Save: $45.00
      120GB SSD - 4GB RAM
    CBPC 3.5GHz Windows 10 (AMD/8GB/250SSD) $399.99

      Retail: $429.99 You Save: $30.00
      250GB SSD - 8GB RAM
    CBPC 3.9GHz WINDOWS 10 (AMD/8GB/240SSD) $439.99

      Retail: $509.99 You Save: $70.00
      8GB Ram - 240GB SSD
    CBPC 3.1GHz WINDOWS 10 (AMD/16GB/240SSD) $554.99

      Retail: $599.99 You Save: $45.00
      16GB Ram - 240SSD
    Full Laptop site click here
    ASUS Zenbook $1,499.99

      Retail: $1,729.99 You Save: $230.00
      Professional Performance
    Lenovo Flex 5 15.6" Laptop $1,249.99

      Retail: $1,499.99 You Save: $250.00
      4 Cores. 16GB RAM
    Asus TUF Gaming Laptop $899.99

      Retail: $999.99 You Save: $100.00
      Lots of Power. Little Package
    MSI Gaming Laptop $869.99

      Retail: $999.99 You Save: $130.00
      Great Price. Greater Power
    Full Tablet site click here
    iPad Air 16GB WiFi (White) $219.99

      Retail: $299.99 You Save: $80.00
      iOS 12 Software

    Cell Phone Repair Pricing

    PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone Repair

    Manufacturer Model Cost
    Apple iPhone 6 $79.99
    Apple iPhone 6S $89.99
    Apple iPhone 6S+ $109.99
    Apple iPhone 6+ $89.99
    Apple iPhone 7 $109.99
    Apple iPhone 7+ $119.99
    Apple iPhone 8 $129.99 (90 Day Warranty)
    Apple iPhone 8+ $169.99 (30 Day Warranty)
    Apple iPhone 8+ $139.99
    Apple iPhone 5 $69.99
    Apple iPhone 5C $69.99
    Apple iPhone 5S $69.99

    Manufacturer Model Cost
    Samsung Galaxy S4 $124.99
    Samsung Galaxy S5 $189.99 (Pricing may vary with color)
    Samsung Galaxy S6 $159.99 (Pricing may vary with color)
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Active $249.99 (Pricing may vary with color)
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $199.99 (Pricing may vary with color)
    Samsung Galaxy S7 $164.99
    Samsung Note 4 $159.99
    Samsung Note 5 $159.99
    Samsung Note 8 $299.99

    PC & Laptop Repair Pricing

    PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone Repair

    Type Service Cost
    PC OS Install/Drivers/Data/Updates $99.99
    Laptop OS Install/Drivers/Data/Updates $99.99
    Tablet OS Install/Drivers/Data/Updates $99.99
    Laptop Screen Replacement 15 inch $109.99
    PC/Laptop HDD Clone $35.00
    PC/Laptop Virus/Malware Removal $79.99
    PC/Laptop CBPC Anti-Virus $24.99
    Laptop DC Jack (Most Models) $79.99

    Cost Saving Wireless plans on AT&T's Network

    Choose a payment plan that works for you

    Smart Saver

    500 Minutes

    500 Talk/Text

    Great Value Big Savings



    1GB @ 4G/128kbps after Data

    Affordable Option Big Savings

    Unlimited Everthing

    Unlimited Talk/Text

    2.5GB @ 4GB/128kbps after Data


    Drop Off & Shipping

    Type Service Cost
    UPS GROUND WE PACKAGE 12x10x6 1Lbs $100 Insurance $14.39
    UPS GROUND WE PACKAGE 12x12x6 2Lbs $100 Insurance $14.99
    UPS GROUND WE PACKAGE 10x12x4 1Lbs $100 Insurance $13.99

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    CBPC Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

    Add Anti-Virus to Any PC Only $24.99

    Add Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Only $29.99 Reg. $39.99

    Buy Any PC and get 1 Year CBPC AV with Anti-Malware FREE!

    We have removed 632,519 Viruses from Windows PCs with CBPC AV


    Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

    801 Pleasant St. Ironton, OH 45638 USA

    740.532.5471 x1

    Business Hours 10AM-5:30PM Mon-Fri 10-2PM Sat.



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