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Monday, 06 August 2012 09:19


"Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, Office Software, Desktop Publishing, Paint and Vector Graphics, Web Browsers - On Every Computer - Free!"

Why do we say "Do more out of the box"? believes that the user should have the ability to use your computer the day you get it. Many of the big name PC companies sell what sounds like a great deal but in the end is not fully functional and requires purchase of a license to use. Why don't they include or bundle the software with their computers if they're so great? Because it's all about making money. Apple has done many fine things over the years, the app store is revolutionary, but what if apple doesn't like the competitions app, does that software make it to the typical Apple user? Windows 8 from Microsoft will copy Apple's model and revolve around the purchase of apps for Windows 8. There are a few benefits of this like most software that is malicious will not make it on users devices. Let's consider the downside to this... If software developers are divided amongst Apple and Microsoft that means they have to choose what to spend their time developing. One application written for Mac only works on a Mac, Windows PC software only runs on Windows.  Sometimes it takes a ground breaking idea to change the way things are done and at we are pursuing a different route.

A different Route: Does anybody believe that Microsoft invented the web browser? No Microsoft copied the working browser of Netscape (now Mozilla Firefox).  That being said Microsoft likes charging you money for the browser and other software they write. Open Source software, written by programmers all over the world, has a completely different philosophy. They encourage you  to share this software with others, they encourage others to get involved in the software and make changes, all the while preserving users rights to have quality software at little or no charge. Freedom is a great thing and our country is founded on it. Open Source software has overcome one hurdle neither Apple or Microsoft could touch,  making software that works on any device. An example of this Custom-BuiltPCs has several Value Added programs for our customers, Network Diagnostics, Games, System Spec Tools, a Web Browser. All work cross platform, Windows, Mac, or Linux. So all software written can be used on more than one device. Enjoy the best of all worlds on a CBPC computer.

Every Computer has:

"Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, Office Software, Desktop Publishing, Paint and Vector Graphics, Web Browsers, & More - for Free!"


Do More Out of The Box

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